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Through our suite of online courses, we empower all learners to be successful. Though we have provided these educational treasures, not everyone has equal access due to various financial hardships. This is your chance to promote a socially active lifestyle for all.

Featured causes

Our mission is for people to embrace the ways of technology. Here are a few projects that your money goes towards that further fulfils our mission.


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Successful stories

Here are some stories from people who have interfaced with NicNac Charities in some capcity. Listen to their triumphs — get inspired!

" Hi, I’m Nikita, I am currently 27 years old and my family emigrated from Japan roughly around 12 years ago, and NicNac Charities has genuinely been life changing for both me and my family. Prior to 7 months ago, I have scarcely laid hands on a computer however, after learning about NicNac Charities from an Expo convention located in the Lehigh Valley my situation began to transform. Within one week, I was provided with a computer along instructional videos that really taught me how to properly use the computer that I was provided with. "

" As a grown man with 2 daughters, not attending a university, my financial situation has always been rough around the edges. NicNac Charities has been a breath of fresh air for us. My eldest daughter needed a computer for school, and likewise I needed one in order to find work. NicNac Charities provided both my daughter and I a brand new computer that now we can both use in our respective areas. "

" Currently I am a rising corporate manager and I can’t help but to give my thanks to NicNac Charities for the pivotal role it has played in my newfound success. Kudos to everyone there! Prior to receiving help from NicNac Charities however, I had never owned a personal computer, so after I had filled out the form and stated my situation to them I was amazed at how fast the turnaround process was. Within 20 days I had received a computer along with in depth guides as to how to properly and most efficiently make use of it. "

How you could help

There are man ways you can get involved! Click on the links below to get started!

Monetary Donations

Donations of monetary value here at NicNac Charities further enable us to tackle the problem of technical illiteracy within the Lehigh Valley. Using your donations, we can directly purchase the necessary equipment to ensure that our goal is a success.

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Become a volunteer

By volunteering here at NicNac Charities, you are helping to spread technical literacy. You will be eligible to earn community service hours.

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Send Material Donations

We here at NicNac Charities greatly value material items, for your donations, are immediately sent to aid someone who can make sufficient use out of your product. This is a great way to get rid of you seemingly old stuff, in doing so you also have the option to get a tax write off.

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