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Over 70% of the US is computer illiterate. 42% of their constituents are unemployed. When seeking a job 28% of those unemployed are discriminated based on their appearance; 93% of which report they have given up looking for a job. Here at NicNac Charities, we help people see the potential in themselves by instilling technical knowledge that will help them thrive throughout the day. After a quick form is filled out, given there are no discrepancies, the applicant is entered onto a waiting status for their very own computer. Once one receives a computer, they can go onto this website for basic operation and training information. After they thoroughly learn the basics, which includes typing, they will proceed to stage two which entails setting up a financial account as well as getting both a physical and intangible address. It is at this point that they will learn how to earn basic income online (through legitimate sources), as well as learn how to job-search online. From our material donations center, we send all applicants that complete this phase a dapper white collard shirt, tie, khakis, a shaving kit(for men), and a suit. After successfully placing a job, the website helps determine adequate locations for housing, as well as ways to start integrating the clients into main stream social life (Facebook, LinkedIn and other online social presence). It is at this point that the client has proved to us they are fully responsible and the computer is predominately assigned to them. In so far as student applicants, we are more than happy to accommodate their needs as well. While they may certainly go through phase one of our computer literacy program, their is no need to continue to phase two. In terms of keeping he computer, they must consistently produce grades that reflect true utilization of the computers (Beyond mere use for gaming / nonproductive activities). We also are extremely keen on admitting language-based learning disabled students. We provideā€¯Assistive Technologyā€¯ beyond simply computers that maximize their potential in the classroom. Finally, for people who want to go the extra mile, they can learn baseline programming, which will allow them to actively make money in exchange for their source code. Our mission is for people to embrace the ways of technology. By means of our online courses, we hope that all of our clients will be successful in utilizing their own technology to best suit their new and active social lifestyle.

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