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DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Blackout Panels 84″ Colors: Pink, blue, (2) brown, (2) red, black, stripes8$16.98
Dickies Car Seat Covers (Tan)1$15.00
Weighted Blanket (Gray)1$26.98
Rear Seat Car Protector (Tan)1$9.84
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.B1


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Sauna Suit M/L1$8.00
Bluetooth Speakerphone For Car1$15.00
Square Cabinet Knobs-Bronze13$8.95
LED Nightlight1$8.99
Amflo 1/4″ Plug1$1.97
Toliet Connector1$8.67
Purple Holiday Ornaments1$6.99
High Pressure Tire Gauge1$2.84
Waterproof Handlebar Phone Mount1$13.94
E6000 Industrial Adhesive- White1$3.00
500 Lumens LED Lightbulb 3pk1$15.97
Bluetooth FM Transmitter1$27.20
Micro USB 6ft Cable1$8.44
Multi-use AC Adaptor1$18.88
Dual Port USB Car Charger 4.8 AMPS1$9.88
Composite AV to HDMI Converter1$34.97
HDMI Cord1$6.24
Smartphone Holder for Bikes1$7.96
Amerock 96mm Black Bronze Drawer Handles4$27.94
V-tech 2 Handset Cordless Phone1$33.88
Vtech Cordless Phone1$18.97
Cordless Phone Battery 550MAH1$1.50
Stove top Drip Bowls1$6.94
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.B2


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Stove top Drip Bowls1$6.94
Plastic Water Pitcher1$7.42
Crystal HD Pro AMp Antenna 50 Mile Radius1$24.88
USB Lightening Cable1$7.88
Flip Grip Phone Connector1$4.88
Play and Charge Kit for Xbox one1$14.88
USB to USB-C2$11.94
Smart Control Universal TV Remote1$29.49
HDMI 4k-4way Splitter1$29.74
4 Device HDMI Split with remote1$29.74
ZAGG Tablet Case with Keyboard1$72.24
Iphone Case1$5.00
Bluetooth Audio Car Receiver1$12.58
HDMI Cord 6ft1$8.00
USB to Lightening1$6.88
10ft Lightening to USB1$14.12
Premier Earbuds with MIC1$5.00
Tmobile concord CellPhone1$61.00
Sprint Al Catel One Touch Retro NEW1$40.00
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.B3


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
1″ Vinyl Mini Blind-White: 23×422$9.48
Darkening Blinds -White: 30×642$10.78
1″ Blinds-White: 39×641$4.48
63″ Sheer Panel: 51×632$6.91
Hotel 600m Gray Sheets1$7.00
Purple Panel1$14.00
Soft Microfiber King Pillow Cases 2pk1$6.44
Medium Weight Shower Stall Liner1$4.96
36 Small Window set Gray with Valance1$18.74
your Zone Navy Panel2$14.00
400 Thread Better home and Gardens King Sheet Set1$64.95
3pc Microfiber SheetSet Twin2$6.44
wool Blankets3$2.00
23×24 Blinds1$4.88
32×72 Blinds1$13.12
31×64 Blinds10$9.97
23×64 blinds1$9.48
33×65 Blinds1$7.98
48×64 Blinds1$13.00
Collapsible laundry hamper1$16.88
Extend and Tilt 32″-72″ TV wall Mount1$72.00
Industrial Pipe Drapery Rod BLk Finish 1″ Diameter 42″-120″2$18.00
Decorative Curtain Rod 14″-18″1$15.00
5/8 Mainstays Drapery1$12.32
Physical Location: NCC.IB.BR.W2.B4


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Nerf Blaster1$13.00
Playdoh Kitchen1$19.94
Apples to Apples1$7.99
Long Cow Card Game1$10.00
Tootie Playdoh Set1$19.94
spark and Imagine Take Apart Dino1$9.82
Small Tball Glove1$9.00
Toy Story 4 Woody1$19.87
Tech Deck Skate Shop1$12.88
PJ Masks Vtech Learning Watch1$13.88
Elsa Doll1$17.99
Pj Masks Night Light1$5.00
Wizards Of Oz Wicked Witch Collectable1$750.00
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.B6


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Coordinated Bedding Set Full 8pc1$39.45
Coordinated bedding set Black Queen 8pc1$49.17
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.B7


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
84″ window granite panels gray1$17.95
Blackout Panel 42×631$18.95
Pink Panel1$5.00
Floral Panel1$5.00
36″ Small window set red checkered1$11.57
84″ Panel Blush Pink1$19.99
84″ Window Set Blue1$17.95
Turquoise Window set1$7.99
Real Tree Pillow Case Standard/queen1$7.99
Super Soft Plush Throw Blanket2$29.99
White Fabric table cloth 60×1021$27.00
84″ room darkening panel Blue1$9.94
200 Thread ct Flat Sheet Queen Black1$17.94
White Curtain1$8.98
30×84 Tan/Blue Pane Pair1$35.00
100% Blackout 74×84 Indigo Panel2$48.00
Axel Geo Black 74×84 Panel1$48.00
30×84 Gray Blackout1$9.94
37×84 Blackout Gray Panels1$20.99
74×63 Blackout 100% Pheonix Chocolate1$38.5
200 thread count sheet set queen1$11.98
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.B8


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Orbital Car Polisher Set1$20.00
Magnetic Mount and USB Charger1$19.87
V Tech Cordless Phone2$24.40
Morphe Power Boost XL Charger1$29.88
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case Black1$19.94
Invisible Shield Glass Screen Protector1$28.08
Alarm Clock3$5.00
12 ft 9 Outlet Cord1$11.00
USB to Lightening cord 6ft1$7.00
Pad lock and Key1$6.10
2Pk Whistle1$1.49
Premium HDMI Cable 6ft1$20.00
Wireless Computer Mouse1$8.88
Soft White LED lights1$5.96
IPHONE XI Case1$9.88
Canon 240/241XL Ink PK1$52.97
Universal Remote2$16.88
Tablet Case with Keyboard: Ipad Air/Air2/9.7 Inch Ipad Pro/Ipad1$39.54
Sound Pods Ihip1$14.88
3pk wireless outlets1$15.64
6ft component Video Cable4$4.00
25ft HDMI Cable2$39.20
Xbox 1 MOD Pack1$29.88
Magnetic Mount For Mobile Devices1$11.99
6″ LED Light Bar1$6.97
Audio Y Adapter1$3.00
Micro Mechanic Engine Light Check1$11.00
10 FT Sync and Charge Cable1$7.88
LED Automotive light #1156 also fits 75061$5.00
Wireless Charging PAD 5 Watts2$5.00
Bluetooth keyboard1$19.88
USB type C 5ft3$8.00
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.T1


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Heat Gun Model#20201$19.50
Nail and Staple Gun Model# 617181$125.00
Milk Frother2$40.00
Pool Cover 10ft-15ft1$22.97
Reciprocating saw 6.5 AMP1$70.00
1 Seat Cover with Swarovski Crystals1$15.00
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.T2

TUB THREE: Miscellaneous Toys

DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Miscellaneous Toys 150$1.00
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W1.T3

BAY ONE: New Home Office (Must Take All)

DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Serta Air Lumbar Manager Chair1$2.65
X Rocker Solo Multimedia Floor Rocker2$112.99
Aurora 12 sheet cross cut shredder1$84.99
File Organizer2$8.95
Magnetic Chalkboard1$5.00
Dry Erase Calendar1$5.00
Casio Calculator FX-991EX1$39.99
Power Strip1$10.00
Ipad for Seniors For Dummies1$24.99
Dell ALl in One Windows 7 Inspirion one1$50.00
20×40 Folding Table1$32.48
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W2.BAY1


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
FitBit Replacement Bands Assorted Colors85$3.50
16.4 Mood Lighting Kit2$28.88
Light Wizard1$22.98
Infaraed Stove Heater1$84.75
Blanket and Throw2$20.00
Gas Grill Portable1$37.80
Twin AirBed1$24.12
Coffee Mug Set1$11.00
3 Person Dome Tent1$24.94
Medium Universal 41″-50″ Griddle Cover1$22.97
Physical Location: NCC.IB.BR.W1.BAY2


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Health and Wellness Assorted Bandages/Massagers1$120.00
Light bulbs 60 Watt1$8.52
2pk G16.5 bulbs1$1.94
60 watt Eco Friendly bulbs12$2.00
Rain X Expertfit Blade R12E1$8.97
280 rotary tool Set1$40.00
Igloo cooler1$15.00
Igloo Wheeled Cooler1$40.00
Basketball 28.5inch1$22.44
Harry Potter Doll-McGonagall1$10.00
Beaded Seat Cover for Car1$27.66
Universal Fit Car Seat Cover1$35.00
Paper Straws1$.099
Assorted Plastic Cups1$5.00
Gray Curtain1$5.88
Kitchen Towels4$4.97
Headlight Restoration Wipes1$8.48
E6000 Clear Adhesive1$5.88
Multi Use AC/DC Adapter1$11.64
1.5 Amp Rotary tool with 105 Pieces1$16.84
Real Tree Full Size Bench Seat Car Cover1$56.00
Stanley Battery Car Charge and Maintainer1$60.00
Single Layer Car Cover Size 41$24.96
SubWolfer 43C101$69.92
9-10″ 120 V Random Orbital Car Polisher1$23.98
10 ft swimming pool1$24.97
47″-84″ tv Wall Mount1$47.96
Physical Location: NCC.IB.BR.W1.BAY3


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Indoor Antenna1$16.88
Mr. Coffee Iced tea and coffee maker1$19.94
Laundry Bags4$5.55
Rubbermaid Tupperware1$15.32
Plastic Tumblers1$19.99
12 Cup Coffee Maker2$19.99
Cool Mist Humidifier1$24.00
Keurig K Compact1$75.00
Assorted Kitchen Essentials1$100.00
Steralite Container1$20.00
18pc Cookware set Tramontina1$39.97
5ft Floor Lamp1$28.12
Faberware Electric Glass Tea Kettle1$22.94
3 Shelf Bathroom Space Saver1$19.97
Incredibles 2 Photos22$10.00
Stanley Modular set 111pcs1$35.00
Air Compressor 3gal 125PSI oil free1$40.00
Physical Location: NCC.IB.BR.W2.BAY4


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Metal Queen Bed Frame1$65.00
Bathroom Space Saver1$49.07
Red Directors Chair1$45.20
Assorted Car Products20$5.00
More Assorted Car Stuff20$15.00
Corner Shower Caddy1$3.00
Oster Griddle1$35.99
Box Of Kitchen Goods1$5.00
16pc Dinnerware Set Better Homes and Garden1$45.00
Closet Organizer9$7.00
Assorted Car Tools1$85.00
Electric Staple Gun1$25.00
Kids Costumes Assorted Box1$170.00
Beach Chair1$8.00
Floor Mats4$7.50
Tabletop TV stand 37″-70″1$22.12
Seat Cover for Car1$12.00
Assorted Wiper Blades3$7.32
Mountable Light1$3.00
500Lumens 4ft LED Shoplights2$21.84
WiperBlade 19″10$4.50
Memory Foam Pillows2$7.50
Medicine Ball1$15.69
Stretch Closet Organizer2$14.83
Auto Accessories1$20.00
Bathroom Saver Shelf1$35.74
Shower Display Caddy1$35.74
5 Tier Shelf1$25.84
Costumes/Halloween Accessories45$8.99
Assorted Valentines, dish drying rack, 2 signs1$38.54
Motorcycle Cover1$24.96
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W3.BAY5


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
F150 Toddler Walker1$171.00
Remote Control Jeep1$40.00
Hot Wheels Track Builder1$65.55
Hot Wheels Colossal Crash1$129.99
Box Assorted Christmas Accessories1$89.00
Christmas Wreath Holders4$20.00
Christmas Wreath1$15.99
DIY christmas stockings9$2.00
Christmas Penguin Lights1$9.98
My Life 12 in 1 playset1$22.49
Christmas Tree Artificial 7ft1$59.00
Laser x Micro Blasters Laser tag2$19.97
Laser x Sport Blasters laser tag1$29.97
harry Potter Mystery Wands2$19.99
Leap Frog Leapstart 3d1$45.00
Frozen 2 Jumbo Artset1$15.00
Twin Barrel nerf Rifle1$9.87
3 in 1 Splash Park1$15.94
Charming Chirp Activity Gym1$28.11
Classic Rim With Steel Net Hooks1$31.22
Animal Lunchbox1$9.99
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W3.BAY6


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Assorted Decorations Box4$50.00
Wrapping Paper8$0.50
Walking Duck1$9.99
Frozen 2 Beach Bucket2$9.50
Diaper Bag Backpack1$19.99
Physical Location: NCC.IB.MR.W3.BAY7


DescriptionQTYFair Market Value (EA)
Beach Towel1$4.88
36″ Small Window Set Beige1$14.00
Couch and Loveseat Slip Cover Brown2$49.96
Recliner Slip Cover Brown1$37.96
63″ Panel Blue Blackout1$20.00
37×84 Blackout Patterned Panel1$25.00
Misc Curtains3$5.00
Hanging Jewelry Organizer1$7.99
300 Thread Sheet Set King Off White1$44.83
Tiger Throw Blanket2$4.00
Physical Location: NNC.IB.MR.W1.H1

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