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free online math help @ NicNac Charities

Free online math help @ NicNac Charities!

  Zachary Carey Named Creator of New Practical-Math Web Series

Article By: Nic Birosik

     In a recent poll conducted by NicNac Charities, within the bounds of The Lehigh Valley, it was concluded that people need the most help with practically applied mathematics. In response the Charity has revised it’s internal video creation plan, to now include pre-algebra. A company wide search has been conducted and it was determined that Zachary (Zach) Carey (Also Director of Public Affairs) was most fit for the job. Zach, having taken college level mathematics in high school, is, for sure, the most equipped person to lecture at the NicNac Charities Online Course Center. We as a whole, are in the midst of creating a lesson plan, that will not only be rigorous but also applicable. One of many things that students have trouble with inNicNac Charities - Official Pre-Algebra Logo math is finding the practical application; in other words they can’t create a link between the math the learn and how to apply it in the real world. In Zach’s new online series, he has stated to The Board of Directors “There will be heavy emphasis on real world applications, which, in turn will make the videos fun and engaging for all.” Here at NicNac Charities, we believe in Zach; his work in the past, plus some material he has already created for this course, shows that he is on track for success. Internal statistics show that the Pre-Algebra web-serise will be completed in full with lesson plans, quizzes and tests by March 1, 2017. Please click the Orange link above to visit our YouTube channel, and subscribe so you will never miss an update from us. Don’t forget to check back often for more content and update to the web series.